Special Weddings & Event Offers

Here at Reigate Hill we don't just do 'normal'

Why not have a truly unique wedding and create memories for you and your guests that will last a lifetime. On this page you will find details of our special occasion packages and offers.

Click the links below for details and contact us for more information. Email sales@reigatehill.co.uk

Wedding Deals

New Years Eve Party

See in the New Year with the best party in town. Included is everything from magicians, to fireworks to casino tables and a DJ.

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Wedding Offers

New Years Eve: See the new year in, in the best way possible. Give yourself an incredible anniversay date and a night to remember in the party of the year.

Valentines: Have the most romantic wedding of the year with this themed package. Available at a great price too.

Winter Weddings: If you want the best deal of the year then try this offer. A unique package for a wedding in the winter months.

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Special Wedding Offers