Junior Membership

Here at Reigate Hill, we have two categories of Junior Membership: supervised and unsupervised.

Supervised and Unsupervised

Unsupervised Supervised
Unlimited Golf Unlimited Golf
Allowed to book own tee-times Must always play with another full adult member
Allowed to play in competitions (for a £10 entry green fee) Can’t book own tee-times
Access to the practise facilities Can play whenever (as they play with a full member)
Can play Monday - Friday no restrictions. Saturday / Sunday after 2pm. Access to the practise facilities
Cost: £295 + £40 Union and Admin fee Cost: £195 + £40 Union and Admin fee

Junior Academy

To see how else Juniors can get involved, download the below attachment for the Junior Academy with Simon Kidd!

To get in touch and find out more, or to book a space, get in touch with Simon directly! He can be reached at simon@simonkidd.golf


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Improver Group - Junior Golf Training

This new group has been created to provide a structured environment for our young golfers who have higher handicaps or who have moved on from the JOLF (Junior golf lessons) environment. There will be a blend of structured coaching tasks and challenges alongside one-to-one coaching if needed. The sessions will be run prior to the new, more frequent, competition schedule.

These sessions are open to members of any age, not just limited to junior golf training. It is encouraged that individuals with no current handicap or a handicap of 28 and above attend these sessions.

However, we will be able to suggest the best group for different individuals under observation. This group will run fortnightly on Saturdays from 11am-12pm - allowing an hour for lunch before the competition start times of 1pm. This group is open to junior members, but if you have any friends that would like to join the sessions please don't hesitate in asking!

The cost is £10 per session - This includes all practice equipment, golf balls and use of coaching areas.


Performance Group

This group is aimed at the juniors who compete regularly at club, county and national level. Regardless of age, this group is designed to challenge all who attend.

Practice will be competitive, with many aspects of the game covered during the sessions. This group is again open to members and guests. We want to create a sociable environment and provide you with as much information as possible.

Example Sessions:

Long Game & Short Game skills testing and competition, yardages and game management, Trackman testing, tournament planning, strength and conditioning and many more!

These sessions will take place fortnightly on Saturdays from 10am-11am, leaving a 2 hour break before the start of the club competitions. Price: £10 per session.

For more information on any of the groups mentioned, please do not hesitate in contacting Sam Truman directly via phone or email.


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JOLF Surrey

Additional Group Sessions

As mentioned previously, we want to be able to provide all our juniors with extra learning resources. We are planning to provide additional sessions aside from the scheduled junior group sessions. Some of the themes include:

  • Golf Specific Pilates - theintelligentcore.com
  • Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Statistical Analysis Sessions
  • Golf Psychology
  • And many more!

If you have any requests for sessions based on a specific subject, again, please don’t hesitate to ask!