Reigate Hill Golf Membership in Surrey

Membership Categories Available

At Reigate Hill Golf Club, we’re passionate about making golf accessible to a new, younger generation. That’s why we offer affordable memberships, with categories to suit everyone.

40 - 64
30 - 39 Each year has its own unique price!
25 - 29
18 - 24

Flexible Membership (see below for more information)

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Flexible Golf Membership

Affordable golf club membership in Surrey tailored to the modern lifestyle.

Does your busy work schedule leave you with little spare time? Our flexible golf membership is perfect for individuals with busy lives who feel as though they cannot justify a full subscription. It is also an ideal membership for those who are golfing for the first time and don’t want to commit to the expense of a full golf membership fee.

Flexible membership gives golfers access to the full range of facilities and experiences available to members of Reigate Hill. If you want to immerse yourself in the golf club and experience, including friendly games at the weekend, competition golf and drinks with like-minded people, our flexible membership is the ideal option for you.

A Flexible member receives 100 credits. For the latest prices, please download our brochure. Each time they play several credits are deducted according to the time of day and day of the week (see chart below).

Flexible members can book tee times 7 days in advance, obtain and maintain a Congu handicap and also play in competitions and social events. As with all our golf club membership categories, Flexible members will also receive a discount bar card.

Flexible members may not enter Trophy or Cup Competitions or any Honours Board event. They can, however enter all medals and stableford competitions.

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Flexible Membership

Date Range Time Credits 18 Holes Credits 9 Holes
1st April - 31st Oct Mon - Fri 06:00 - 20:00 4 3
1st April - 31st Oct Sat - Sun 06:00 - 12:00 7 3
1st April - 31st Oct Sat - Sun 12:00 - 20:00 5 3
1st Nov - 31st Mar Mon - Fri 06:00 - 20:00 3 3
1st Nov - 31st Mar Sat - Sun 06:00 - 15:00 5 3

A Golfing Week at Reigate Hill

Our central vision here at Reigate Hill, aside from providing a fantastic, affordable golfing facility, is to promote a friendly, relaxed, and fun atmosphere for all of our members.

All of our competitions are randomly drawn, promoting interaction and encouraging our members to engage with new faces. Ever wondered what a typical week here at Reigate Hill looks like? Find out below.

  • Monday — Mixed Roll Up
  • Tuesday — Tuesday Swindle
  • Wednesday — Men’s All-Day Medal
  • Thursday — Ladies Day / 13 Hole Stableford / Thursday Swindle
  • Friday — Mixed Roll Up (AKA Bob King Classic)
  • Saturday — Club Competition
  • Sunday — Club Competition / Mixed Roll Up

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If you would like to obtain further information on Reigate Hill Golf and Country Club’s services and promotions give us a call today. Our friendly team will gladly provide information on the golf club, membership or society bookings on 01737 645 577. You can email us at: golfsales@reigatehill.co.uk For visitor tee time bookings, you can book online:

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