Why You Should Get Your Children Playing Golf This Summer!

The summer holidays can sometimes be tough, but there are lots of ways to make them as enjoyable as possible. A brand new hobby for your kids to learn will give you both loads to chat about, bond over and learn about and golf is a great sport for the whole family. If you're already a golfer, then it will give you a chance to share something you are passionate about with your kids. This article shall explain to you why and how to get kids into golf.

A Great Opportunity To Make Friends

Part of the appeal of golf for many people is its social nature and golf for kids is the perfect way to meet new friends. Meeting people on the course and at the golf club before and after your game is all part of the fun. Not to mention getting to know other people during a group lesson. The summer holidays are a brilliant time for your kids to make new friends outside of their usual circles of school and extra-curricular clubs.


Golf for kids and adults is a great way to get out of the house and away from the phone, tablet, computer and tv screens. Golf is a great form of exercise, and if your child really takes to it, then there are all sorts of associated training they'll be interested in doing to improve their game. Even if they don't get past hitting a golf ball on the driving range, at least they are outside enjoying themselves. Golf is a suitable game for the whole family, as long as they are big enough to hold a golf club, as it's a great non-contact sport.

It's Great Fun!

Loads of people find golf a great deal of fun. The challenge of competing against other people and yourself is all part of the entertainment. Seeing themselves improving over the weeks and months is always exciting and keeping track of their progress will give them an amazing sense of achievement. Of course, making new friends and meeting up with them for a game of golf is awesome fun too.

A Fantastic Learning Experience

Teaching a child to play golf will give you both a fantastic sense of achievement when you are able to play a game together for the first time will be huge. Once you've taught your child to play golf you will have a great deal more confidence for when the next complex set of skills needs teaching, take a look ahead to your kids learning to drive, someone will need to teach them.

New Skills

Golf has a large number of brilliant skills that are transferable across all parts of life. There are the numeracy skills with keeping score and the patience that you need to develop when you're sharing the golf course with other players. Predicting the weather and looking up forecasts so you are appropriately dressed are both vital life skills. Teaching a child to play golf will improve their kindness and truthfulness as there are moments during a game of golf where it's only the player who knows what actually happened.

So, get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your needs and book your child in today!