Greg Evans Golf Consultant

At Reigate Hill Golf Club, we take the quality of our greens extremely seriously for members and guest players alike. That is why we have been working closely with Greg Evans, one of the country's leading golf consultants in order to make the playing experience as enjoyable as possible. Playing on high-quality fairways and greens should not only be for professional standard players, but for everyone who enjoys the game. Read on to discover some more about the advanced techniques that Greg Evans puts to use and how these benefit our members.

What is a Golf Consultant?

In Greg Evans' case, a golf consultant is someone who focuses on the quality of the playing surface of a golf course. In a way, you can think of what he does as being a greenkeeper, but there is much more to it than that. Evans' abilities go far beyond looking after the course at Reigate Hill and are centred on what needs to be done to improve the playability of the club. We've been working with him for a couple of years and the results of his input have been astonishing. Members have noticed the difference his consultancy has brought and new members are signing up all the time having tried our course and liked what they have experienced.

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The Greg Evans Approach

Reigate Hill Golf Club is proud to work with Greg Evans, a man who has proved himself to be a leader in the field of turf management. Evans achieved the notable status of Master Greenkeeper in 2010. To put that in context, there are only around 70 other professionals in the field of green keeping around the world who have gained this high level of accreditation. Through careful soil analysis and a scientific approach to grass performance, Evans is able to raise the level of playing surfaces he consults on to bring about superb results that match the tournament standards of the leading courses around the globe.

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The Two Millimetre Debate

In the field of agronomy – Greg Evans' specialism – debate has raged over the length of grass in recent times. The science of soil management and crop production, as agronomy is properly defined, rarely sees such controversies, but when it comes to green keeping this is certainly no longer the case. Essentially, Evans has long advocated for greens to be cut short - very short in some people's view - at two millimetres. Although you might find this on a championship course ahead of a pro tournament, conventional wisdom has said that greens must be allowed to grow taller at other times or in situations where they will be played on a great deal. Some even said Evans' approach would lead to the destruction of grass on otherwise playable greens.

However, Evans is a man who has stuck to his guns and proved – time and again – that greens can be maintained at this level so long as the right pH values, the proper percolation rates and the correct nutrients are available to the grass. A full programme of aeration and sanding is also crucial to the way in which Evans goes about his work. Overall, this means less bumpy and more consistent playing surfaces when putting. By applying nitrogen rather than granular fertiliser, Evans is also able to produce slimmer blades of grass which offer little by way of 'thatch', something that improves the smoothness of ball runs and which produces faster greens.


The long-standing debates in agronomy may be lost on many players and members who are unaware of the science behind it. However, few golfers who play on a green that has been maintained with the Greg Evans approach fail to notice just how well it plays.

Why not try it out for yourself? For more information on our Golf Membership at Reigate Hill Golf Club call 01737 645 577. Guests are welcome too, with golf club fees as little as £20 midweek or £12.50 after 5pm during a twilight session.