Wedding Accessories and Tips

You've got the venue, the dress, bridesmaid's dresses, groomsmen's suits and the invitations. It's the little things that count when personalising your special day and they're easy to forget.

Its the little things that count like having a seating chart on display

Seating Chart

Once you've put all that thought into where everyone is going to sit don't just have it pinned to the wall. Have it in a striking picture frame spray painted to match your wedding colours to catch the attention of your guests and avoid them wandering around in search of the seating plan.

Wedding Accessories for decoration

Table Decoration

Don't stop with the flowers. Table runners, napkins, menus, chair covers and chair ties can all match and compliment your wedding dress and the bridesmaid's dresses.


Try something different like packets of wildflower seeds or personalised sweeties or maybe go traditional. Some people love a sugared almond.

Its the litle things that count and make a wedding fun

Packs of Fun Stuff For Kids

If there are going to be kids at the wedding, then you'll want something for them to do. Especially during the speeches. What about little packs of Lego, glow sticks, things to build and make like paper crowns instead of colouring in?

Imaginative Guest Books

Whether it's messages in a jar opened on your first anniversary or writing on a portrait of the couple an imaginative guest book will encourage your guests to actually sign it.

Wedding Accessories for the Flower girls and page boys

Flower Girls and Page Boys

It's easy to forget flowers for the flower girls hair and a button hole for the page boy. But they will remember if you don't and remind you for the next 20 years.

Running Order

Have it written up on a chalk board, notice board, inside a picture frame or anything else that will catch your guest's eyes, it'll save on questions from your Aunt or anxious cousin about when they're going to get their dinner.

It's the little things that count like pictures from guests and little extras

Guests Turn Photographer

It doesn't matter if you're high-tech and your guests upload photos there and then or old school with disposable or instant cameras. Getting guests to take pictures of themselves and the fun they are having makes for memorable pictures.

Bathroom Extras

A basket of bits and pieces like flip flops, deodorant, cotton buds, blister plasters and makeup wipes in the bathroom will be greatly appreciated as they day goes on.

Wedding Accessories Cake and a Place to put the Cards


Not just the big cake, but cake to eat with tea and coffee when your guests arrive or cake to take away with them when your guests go home. There are loads more cake eating opportunities available than just the big one.

Wedding Post Box

It doesn't need to be a physical post box, a basket or box wrapped in a pretty paper will do, you just want a designated place for cards and gifts to go.

It's the little things that count like gifts for guests

Gifts For Your Helpers

You'll of thought about bridesmaids and ushers but what about that friend that did an expert job for you? Don't forget the mothers and fathers. They'll all need a little something or a bouquet of flowers.

A Cloak Room

A room, a rail, a table or anywhere designated for guests to put hats, bulky coats or anything else they don't want to hold onto.

Wedding Thank you cards

Thank You Cards

Finally, think about thank you cards before the wedding. Take a picture at the wedding to print onto thank-you cards or have them bought to match the wedding invitations. If you have a wedding list, then you'll be able to write them out before the wedding.

Lots of these extra touches will be done by a great wedding planner and at Reigate Golf Course, we'll make your wedding day extra special as it's the little things that count.