Wedding Day Tips and Advice

Your wedding day. This biggest most special day of your life full of memories that will last a lifetime. Your wedding day, also potentially one of the most stressful days of your life, with months of planning and organisation for one big day, the last thing you want is all that effort to go to waste and the day not to be enjoyed by everyone.

At Reigate Hill Wedding Venue we are with you every step of the way to ensure that your big day is as stress free and enjoyable as possible, with your own dedicated wedding coordinator and our experienced staff you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. However being told not to worry and actually doing so are very different things. We have therefore come up with some wedding day tips and advice for your big day to help ease your stress and allow you to enjoy every moment.

Wedding Breakfast

Eat Well

Food is such an important way to stay healthy and happy and will certainly help you feel much better on your wedding day. The night before you say your nuptials eat a good hearty meal perhaps go to your favourite restaurant, enjoy a takeaway or cook your favourite meal at home. At this stage in the process all the planning is done and you can start getting excited for tomorrow. A good meal will help you have a good night sleep. A healthy but substantial breakfast is a great way to start your wedding day. Regardless of the delicious meal you have planned for your wedding breakfast, with such a busy day ahead you need all the energy you can get.

Sleep Well Before Wedding Day


For both men and women getting your beauty sleep will make you feel fabulous for your wedding. No last minute stag or hen do’s the night before, you don’t want to be recovering from a heavy night as you stumble up the aisle. A glass of wine to help you sleep and calm your nerves is all that is required on your wedding eve. Having had a decent night sleep you should wake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this big stepping-stone in life.

Wedding Couple

Keep Smiling

It is a special day for not only yourself and your partner but for all your friends and family who have come from far and wide to watch you make a commitment to one another. All eyes will be on you all day including the camera lens of the wedding photographer. Do your best to maintain a smile throughout the day, it will not only look good in your wedding pictures but will make you feel better. Save the silly faces for selfies with your partner and maintain that perfect grin for the photographs you are paying for. This tip comes with a health warning; face ache is a likely side effect of keeping that smile in place, but spending a relaxing wedding night in our honeymoon suite should help you feel much better, allow your whole body to relax in our super comfortable bed.

Wedding Organisation


Pass the buck, you have been in charge of the planning since the engagement, leave a list with your most trusted family member or friend to take care of the wedding day details. You can then enjoy your day and not worry about timings, packing up or organising your guests. Our wedding coordinator will also be on hand to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Keep Hydrated

Drink Water

If you want to remember every moment of this special day don’t drink too much alcohol, enough to endure the continuous conversations with extensive friends and family. But not so much you end up slumped in a chair in the corner. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to ensure you don’t end up having an early night and a headache.

Make Time for your new partner

Make Time for Your New Mr/Mrs

This day is about you as a couple, everyone is there to see you both, yet many couples forget to make time for each other. With all your grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins, friends from school, university and work as well as people you probably have never met wanting to say hello and congratulate you, you could find the only time you spend with your partner is for pictures. Spending time alone as a couple is so important for creating the best memories of your day.

We hope your wedding day is as special and memorable as you want it to be and we are on hand for any help and advice you might require. Contact Reigate Hill to book a visit to our stunning Surrey Wedding Venue.