Reigate Hill Golf Club Events Brochure

Are you looking to find out more about our golf memberships? Or perhaps you are seeking a luxurious countryside wedding and need more information about our venue in the heart of Surrey?

At Reigate Hill Golf Club, we are pleased to provide a number of services. For those seeking the perfect wedding venue, our brochures offer insight into the breathtaking views and tailored packages that will turn your dream day into a reality.

Beyond weddings, we are also able to host a number of celebrations. From birthday parties to anniversaries, our event brochures will show you how we can make your occasion special all year round.

Please see the golf and wedding brochures we have available below:

— Reigate Hill Golf Brochure — Golf Membership
— Reigate Hill Golf Brochure — Golf Societies
— Reigate Hill Wedding Brochure/Wedding Package Brochure
— Reigate Hill Parties & Events Brochure

Please fill in the request form below and select the golf or wedding brochure you would like to download. This will give you access to our event brochure library.


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If you would like to obtain further information about our golf club memberships, our wedding venue packages or our event brochures, please feel free to get in touch. Call us on 01737 645577 or Email sales@reigatehill.co.uk. Alternatively send us a message via the form on the contact page.

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