Choosing The Perfect Date

Picking the best date to get married can be a difficult task. In fact, it can feel near on impossible at times. There are so many different choices available and a whole variety of factors to consider. The time of year, the significance of the date for you, whether your favourite venue is free on this date; but then does it clash with the other vendors you wanted? With 365 days in a year, narrowing this down to just one perfect day can be a gruelling task.

The amount of work which goes into planning your perfect day and choosing the best date to get married means that you need to consider every possibility, every single factor, and give yourself plenty of time. Rushing a wedding means you’ll need to make sacrifices and, although this can be pulled off, it will generally be significantly more expensive.

Which Days Are Popular?

Traditionally, weddings tend to be on a Saturday - as this is the easiest day for people to attend most of the time. In recent years, however, it is becoming more and more popular for people to choose another day of the week to wed on; with Fridays being increasingly popular, but some people even choosing a Wednesday to say their vows. Alternative days of the week are generally much more affordable than a Saturday, but this will vary depending on the individual vendors and so you should do your research before settling on a single date because it might be a little bit cheaper.

Picking The Perfect Wedding Date
Rain On Your Wedding Date?

Wedding Dates Across Cultures

In different cultures there are many different traditions for finding the best date to get married. For centuries, the fate of a picking the best wedding date was left in the hands of a village ‘Shaman'. Amongst a variety of cultures, from Roman astrologers and Greek soothsayers to Chinese fortune tellers, all of these wise spiritual leaders would use a variety of methods and tools to decide upon the perfect date for the happy couple to begin their new life journey together. This ranged from using pig intestines to looking at the stars. In this modern era the majority of wedding dates aren’t picked by anything quite this drastic. Instead our perfect dates are decided based on location and significance in our own personal lives, although dozens of cultures throughout the world do still rely on their age-old traditions to help them choose a lucky wedding date.

The Most Popular, Best Date To Get Married

The first thing most couples tend to consider is the time of year. Some dates prove to be more popular than others each year and so, if you’re looking to book in the peak season you need to be planning well in advance. The popular online wedding planning facility Bridesbook have released their list of the most popular wedding dates for 2018, so if you’re planning on booking anything on these dates then you should be organising this as soon as possible:


1: Saturday 18th August
2: Saturday 26th May
3: Saturday 25th August

Which season is the best to get married?

Peak wedding season tends to be between April and October, with the deep winter months tending to be much quieter. Booking an off peak wedding can work out much cheaper and, if you’re prepared for the possibilities of bad weather, could be the perfect option for those on a budget. Just imagine a picturesque frosty morning wedding for those perfect wedding photos, or the romance of dancing in the rain under an umbrella with the one you love. No amount of rain can dampen your love for one another and, after all, that is the reason for this day. There’s no reason to let the bad weather ruin the occasion for you, you just need to ensure you’re prepared for any possibility.

We are incredibly lucky in Britain that each of our seasons are so unique, bringing with them all a variety of different colours across the year. Spring brings a lively atmosphere, with new life beginning across the country and a variety of fresh looking colours as flowers begin to bloom. An outdoor wedding in spring would be absolutely beautiful, with a floral theme being quite popular. Summer weddings also seem to be a very popular option, particularly the months of July and August, with many people saying their “I do’s” in these two months. The greenery of a rural British summer wedding could make the perfect backdrop; picture your marquee in a beautiful countryside setting, surrounded by the nature around you. An autumn wedding would also be beautiful, with the golden glow and fallen leaves creating a beautiful natural background. There is so much choice, but it really does come down to your own personal preferences.

Picking The Perfect Wedding Date

Weddings On Other Important Dates

You should not only consider the time of year, but whether there are any dates which are significant to you when it comes to choosing the best date to get married. Many people may choose to get married on the anniversary of when they first met, or first became an official couple. It is also becoming more and more popular to get married on the same date as grandparents whom have had a successful marriage over a long amount of time, or on another family anniversary with real meaning. Whilst some people do choose to get married on a ‘holiday’, for example New Years Day or Christmas Day, it’s generally best to avoid these dates. Looking back on it for years to come, you will want the date to be remembered as the day you began a partnership with the love of your life; not just that it was on New Year’s Day. Another reason to avoid seasonal dates like these is due to availability of your loved ones. You want to ensure that those closest to you are able to attend your big day and booking the wedding on Christmas Day would likely mean many of those you invited would be unable to attend due to their own other commitments.

Whichever date you decide upon, remember that the best date to get married will be the day you get married. Regardless of which day of the week it falls upon, or whether it’s rain or shine, you’re beginning a new life journey with your partner and nothing should dampen your spirits or make this day any less perfect for you!

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