Get into Golf 2022

Get Into Golf

If you learn how to play golf in the New Year period, then you will acquire a skill which is enjoyed by thousands of other people in the UK every day of the year. Golf is sometimes seen as a bit of an exclusive sporting pursuit which needs significant outlay but the truth of the matter is that it is a pastime that everybody can enjoy. Getting into golf could mean trying out a few lessons and seeing whether or not you get into the swing of things. Once they have hit a ball squarely off the tee for the first time, few novices give the game up. Simple yet enthralling. Active yet relaxing. Get into golf in 2022, you may well get bitten by the bug and discover something pleasurable that will last a lifetime.

Get Into Golf

To get going, you should bear in mind that very little expenditure is required. Borrow or purchase a second-hand set of golf clubs. Even just a few of them are enough to get going – you won't even need a full set. What's more, many places where golf is played are only too keen to encourage new golfers to take the sport up. Friendly golf clubs like Reigate Hill are ideal for beginners where you will feel welcome as you get to know how to play the game. Why not make it your New Year's resolution? Few people regret so doing, after all.

Pick Up Golf

One of the great benefits of getting into golf is that it such fun. Okay, so no one would say that golf has the same adrenaline-fuelled excitement levels of, say, driving a Formula One racing car but spending a few hours on an 18-hole course certainly presents its own challenges, both mental and physical. The sort of fun you can have problem solving and testing yourself to play to the best of your abilities is what attracts many golfers. Of course, it is a great way of getting outside in a green environment and the benefits of completing an entire course on your health should not be underestimated, either. In fact, the exercise you get from golf is not just good for your muscles, bloodstream and general physical well being. It can also help to reduce stress and clear your mind in a way that few other activities can.

In addition, golf has a great social side. You will always find someone to share a round with and a competition that you can enter – there's usually something on no matter what your standard happens to be. These days, all sorts of ages mix together when they are playing. Young and old alike enjoy golf because it is such a low-impact activity, unlike road running or sports such as football or rugby, for example. Of course, golf can be enjoyed as a solo pursuit – just you against the course. That said, many team tournaments are also organised allowing you to take part as a member of a group endeavour, something that many sportsmen and women enjoy.

Golf Lessons For Beginners At Reigate Hill

Top quality golf lessons for beginners and intermediates are available at Reigate Hill Golf Club. With a well-maintained and beautifully designed course plus high-quality teaching facilities, it is the ideal place to get into the sport once more or to try it out for the first time. The training staff are helpful without being pushy and you can book a few lessons in no time. Why not give it a go in 2022?