Junior Golf

A sport that is enjoyed by so many adults around the world, getting kids into golf can be just as rewarding as playing the game yourself. Of course, junior golf lessons are a surefire way of ensuring youngsters will pick up the necessary skills in order to be able to play the game well, but teaching kids golf need not be an onerous task. What makes golf enjoyable is that it is a fun game to play with family and friends. If kids are given the chance to pick up on the convivial nature of a round of golf, then the rest should follow. After all, we all started somewhere on the golf course, didn't we? Let's look at why golf is a great game for children and the best ways of getting them into it.

Benefits of Golf For Kids

Getting kids into golf means that they are out in the open with fresh air running through their lungs. For the screen generation, the simple excuse for getting outside that a golf lesson affords means that the sport helps to keep them healthy. What's more, they'll be doing so with other children of their own age if they attend coaching sessions, helping to build social connections and developing skills with other youngsters whilst learning something outside of a classroom environment.

There's so much to see and do when negotiating a golf course – aside from the golf, that is. Although golf courses are managed environments, there is something healthy for the soul about being outside among the trees and the grass. Understanding how nature – wind and rain, for example – can impact on a game of golf also helps kids to gain a better comprehension of the world around us. It is a side-benefit of simply being outdoors enjoying yourself!

Keeping active is an important part of any sport. Given that golf has a low impact on joints and muscles compared to some other games – like rugby or cricket, for instance – it is a great way for children to gain fitness without worrying about strains or injuries. Fit or unfit, all children can play together in a meaningful way whilst developing muscle skills. What's more, children with many types of disabilities are able to play golf in a way that other sports can't accommodate. It really is a sport for all – young and old. Children will like playing together in their own age group, but they often get just as much from the game playing with or competing against adults. So, it is a family-oriented sport, too.

Getting Kids Into Golf
Teaching Kids Golf

Teaching Kids Golf

If you want to encourage newcomers to any sport, it is best that they feel a degree of success early on. This is certainly true when it comes to kids playing golf. Mini golf and the putting green certainly have their place, here, because trying out burgeoning skills in both areas helps to build confidence using a club and striking a ball effectively. Move on to driving ranges later so that children can learn to swing properly without spending hours looking for lost balls and losing confidence.

Once children have been coached in the basic skills of stance, grip and swing, it is time to progress to playing a few holes together. Of course, children will need suitably sized clubs to play holes, but you don't need a full set to begin with. For little ones, three or four holes is enough before they get tired and lose concentration, but most kids of nine or ten years of age should be able to cope with a nine-hole round. Professional instruction is advisable if your child shows promise or if they have a knack of hooking the ball, for example, that they want to resolve. Other than that, they key is to have fun together!

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