The Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Advantages of Golf

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there are any health benefits of playing golf? It’s one thing to consider ‘is golf good exercise’ which anybody who’s spent hours traipsing around a golf course will be able to tell you - yes, it is! However there can be much more to golf than meets the eye.

Below, we have six of the most important health benefits of playing golf. If you’re not already an avid player, this may just be the key to persuading you to join the rest of us on the course!

1: You’ll Burn Off Calories

Yep, you’re going to burn off calories and a whole lot of them! How many calories burned playing golf, you might ask? Well, walking around the golf course is going to give you plenty of steps to your daily count and when you consider the weight of the clubs which you’ll likely be carrying around on your shoulder, you’re going to be burning off a whole lot more than if you were just walking without the added weight on your back. This is fantastic for keeping you fit and healthy. If you haven’t started out playing golf already, give it a go. This is one health benefit you’ll notice immediately.

2: The Mental Benefits Of Playing Golf

It’s not just the physical benefits which you’re going to experience, but the mental benefits of playing golf too. Being outside on the green enables you to have a focus on the game, without distraction of anything else. Therefore, this can help to reduce your stress levels and giving you that well deserved break from anything else in life. Exercise also releases endorphins which can help to alleviate symptoms of depression, boost self-esteem and confidence.

3: Social Benefits

Golf is an incredibly social sport and you’re bound to meet lots of like-minded individuals up on the golf course, who will even become great friends to you. Okay, so we’re not promising you’re going to like everybody you meet, but you certainly will appreciate the social aspects of the golf course - particularly if you take advantage of our membership offers and enjoy playing golf at Reigate Hill on a regular basis. Familiar faces soon become firm friends for life, which in turn will make you a much happier individual and leave you with a smile on your face.

4: You’ll Sleep Better

Spending so much time outside in the fresh air and exercising so much whilst out on the course will definitely tire you out, meaning you’re likely going to be going home and falling into a much deeper sleep than you’re used to. An uninterrupted night’s sleep will help you to wake up feeling much fresher and relaxed. Sleeping also helps your body to heal, so this will also help to improve your overall health.

5: You’ll Have Improved Balance And Muscle Endurance

When you’re playing golf, you’re walking a lot, perfecting your swing with the golf club so that you’ve got the best shot and carrying a lot of weight around with you. All of these things are working to build up your muscles and you’ll find your physical strength grows greatly. Your balance will also improve a lot as you learn to position your body in the right ways to achieve many perfect swings with the club. The health benefits of golf truly are fantastic.

6: Keeps Your Heart Rate Up

Playing golf also works in turn to keep your heart rate up, which in turn increases the blood flow around your body meaning the oxygen and glucose is being directed towards all of the right muscles and keeping an active flow around your body.

As you can see, there are numerous health benefits of playing golf so why wouldn't you want to join us?! Come and visit Reigate Hill and see what you’re missing out on.