Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter is a magical season with those beautiful frosty mornings and blue skies. We may even have snow painting the landscape white, a beautiful backdrop to any photo. Your wedding too is a magical moment, when love defines the unity of two lives. However, for your winter wedding to be a memorable success, you have to come up with the right winter wedding ideas and be prepared for any difficulties that may arise.

The first consideration when planning a winter wedding revolves around ambience. This can be simplified into how your winter wedding can tantalise and tease the five senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. Remember that having your wedding in winter is a gamble as you cannot control the weather. The season can spring nasty surprises such as a blizzard right in the middle of your nuptials, which is not an ideal scenario. That being said, winter wedding inspiration can just be the push needed to make your wedding memorable. Here is a look at some of the considerations to make the event memorable and successful.

Planning A Winter Wedding

As much as you may have always dreamed of that outdoor wedding in the middle of those beautiful country views, realistically in Winter that may not be the most ideal solution. With our weather being so unpredictable, it’s important to ensure that you have some form of cover to keep your guests warm and dry. A large, secure marquee could be the ideal solution if you do not have an indoor venue booked. Keep everybody warm by purchasing some portable heaters and providing hot drinks for your guests on arrival. The perfect solution for those colder winty days.

Planning A Winter Wedding: Transport

Some guests may be unable to attend if the weather is foul making travelling conditions difficult. Your delivery team might also face hitches if there is ice on the roads or the common traffic pileups when it snows. So, make contingency plans to have everything in place early. If possible, have the whole function in one venue to avoid too much travelling in weather that might be inclement. Send out the invitations early enough and if planning a winter wedding, suggest your guests stay locally before the wedding if they’re travelling from afar to allow for more travelling time.


Planning A Winter Wedding: Warm Clothes

The bride, groom, their respective entourages and your guests should be kept warm. This doesn’t just come down to heaters and hot drinks, but your clothing too. It is possible to wear warm attire whilst still looking stylish, something many people do seem to worry about. It’s better to be wearing a beautiful wrap or cardigan than standing there in just your dress but shivering. Warm guests are happier guests and you’ll find everybody enjoys the day more if they’re comfortable and will have fonder memories, rather than those of sitting and shivering. Warm underwear is a fantastic idea that will keep the couple and their teams glowing and is a very worthy investment. Clothes with long sleeves will ensure the bride and her ladies keep warm. Gloves are also a smart and practical addition to cold weather. Velvet works well for the gentlemen’s coats while warm colours such as burgundy help to contrast with overcast skies and fit in well with the winter theme. You’ll be surprised by the different winter wedding accessories that are available and you can still look absolutely breathtaking whilst wrapped up warm.

Planning A Winter Wedding: Wet Weather and Footwear

Wet weather in England is unfortunately something we are faced with for most of the year, but particularly in Winter. When it comes to footwear, stylish boots are preferable to high-heeled shoes if you’re going to be walking across any difficult terrain. Many pairs of incredible looking yet practical, comfortable, boots are available. Those beautiful stilettos won’t fare well in the mud, but bring them along for the dancing later on when you know you’re going to be comfortably indoors or on a flat surface. A few pairs of wellies should also be kept handy should the need for them arise. Other accessories like umbrellas can also be kept within reach should there be a downpour. A wood fire outdoor environment would also be a welcome idea for the reception as long as there are no signs of rain, creating a warm environment and a beautifully illuminated appearance.

Planning A Winter Wedding: Flowers and Decoration

For the flowers, it would be best to work with available seasonal blooms such as anemones and roses. Mix them with some greenery from the woods and a touch of brown to complete the bouquets. This will lend authenticity to the occasion. A few pine cones could be added to the theme when decorating the venue also to complete your unique winter wedding ideas. If the ceremony is taking place in a church you could take advantage of the free decorations if the place of worship is already bedecked in preparation for Christmas. On that same note however if you don’t want Christmas decorations you should check with the venue beforehand that these can be taken down for your special day.

Planning A Winter Wedding: Lighting and Photography

Lighting is one of the most important things at the centre of your unique winter wedding. As the days draw in earlier during the winter, you need to take most of the shots early enough to take advantage of the natural light. It may be worth arranging with the photographer to take some photos before the ceremony, particularly those group shots. Candles can add warmth and a touch of romance when it gets darker. Glitter is also your friend during the magic of your winter wedding. It catches the light and throws it right back into the eyes of your audience. Those sparkles are indeed magical, and the photos should be evidence enough of this. If you do find it’s a damp and rainy day, why not get out the umbrella, put on a pair of wellies and have some photos taken of you dancing in the rain with your partner? Rain photos can look truly beautiful. Speak to your photographer to discuss your ideas for the weather and ensure any props you may need are going to be readily available on the big day.

Planning A Winter Wedding: Your Food and Entertainment

Food and drink are the sources of the good cheer at any social gathering, especially for a wedding to be held in winter. Plenty of both should be available, and the options in place should help your guests fight off the cold. If you are relying on caterers, remember to discuss the menu in advance. Your winter wedding inspiration for food could come from the experts in the industry. Furthermore, remember that the hospitality industry is usually busy during this time. So, ensure that your function is given the priority it deserves for the bar, catering and entertainment services. Welcome your guests to the venue with hot chocolate or some other such hot drink to warm their insides and certainly consider a hot food menu opposed to a cold buffet. Planning a winter wedding can be tough but also immensely rewarding. However, the above winter wedding ideas will help things to proceed smoothly. No matter the weather, there’s no reason your day cannot be the perfect day you dreamed of.

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