Unique Wedding Favours On Your Special Day!

Wedding favours are special wedding gifts for guests that are offered to help mark the occasion. These gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are usually determined by the preferences of the bride and groom as well as their budget. Here is a selection of unique wedding favour ideas that your guests are sure to love and will help to make your Big Day truly special.

Going for the Personalised Touch.

Keyrings, pens and other small items that are engraved with the name of the happy couple as well as the date of the wedding serve as unique wedding favours that are sure to be treasured for many years to come. As an extra touch, the bride and groom could also choose to have their image engraved on keyrings and other metal items so that they will serve as the perfect memento of this very special day.

Wedding Soundtracks

Couples who have a love for music are sure to want to have a say in the music that is played during their wedding reception. Creating a wedding soundtrack together is a great way for couples to bond before the wedding and the soundtrack can include all of the songs that the couple think are special. Once the songs for the soundtrack have been selected, it will then be easy to burn the songs onto a CD and make a copy for each of the wedding guests. In order to turn the soundtrack into a special gift that will be treasured it is a good idea to design a cool label or sleeve for it to really make the CD stand out.

Getting Crafty

You can add a unique and very personal touch to your wedding by providing homemade wedding favours. Couple who have a special talent such as woodwork can use their skill to create wedding gifts that are both useful and special such as wooden coasters that can be placed on the table during the reception dinner. One of the create things about wooden coasters is that they can be easily engraved with the name of each guest and placed on the table so that they will instantly know where they are expected to sit.

unique wedding favours
crafty wedding favours

Showing Your Artistic Flare

Miniature paintings make ideal homemade wedding favours that are sure to be treasured by all of your guests. While the small painted canvases that you provide should be unique to help make them special, there is no need to go overboard in terms of detail. If you have invited a large number of guests to your wedding reception you will probably want to select very small canvases that can be stood at the place serving of each guest and create images that can be produced quickly.

Personalised Thank You Notes

Couples who enjoy writing can put their heads together to create a personalised thank you poem that is sure to make the guests feel special. The note can also serve as a testimony of love and friendship that is ideal for a wedding.

Say it With Alcohol

No wedding is complete without a drink or two and offering guests their own small bottles of your favourite tipple is the perfect way to get the party started. People who enjoy brewing their own beer or wine simply need to find some small bottles for the occasion and create their own labels, while home brewed liquor such as limoncello make elegant wedding gifts for guests. To make sure that children and those who don’t drink alcohol are not left out of the fun, you can also make a batch of kombucha or homemade apple juice and experiment with different flavours until you have created the perfect blend.

No matter what type of wedding favours you choose, you can be sure that you guests will love them as long as you add a personal touch. Make sure that they name of the happy couple are clearly shown at one area of the gift along with the date of the wedding and if possible the name of the wedding guest the gift will be presented for. You can be sure that the gift will be saved and proudly displayed for a long time.

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